from Enzyme Labs
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Boost Energy
  • Brain Support Blend
  • 43 Nutrients, 70+ Minerals
  • Enhance Digestion
It's All About Absorption!

Multi-Life® is the best value multivitamin on the market. Many companies sell enzymes, brain support blends, and trace minerals separately. Enzyme Labs has incorporated them all into one powerful maximum absorbing formula.
Doctors endorse and recommend Multi-Life®!
NASCAR driver Blake Koch won't drive without it!
Multi- Life® is more than a high dosage multivitamin, it also contains:

  • 50mg Brain Support Blend to support memory focus and concentration
  • 200mg Proprietary Active Enzyme Blend to enhance digestion and absorption
  • 43 nutrients and 70 + Trace Mineral Blend to boost aggregate health and consumption of needed nutrients
Proprietary Live Active Enzyme Blend

A vitamin has absolutely no life without the appropriate enzymes present. Most vitamin and mineral supplements on the market today are processed using heat and chemicals, therefore, are completely void of enzymes and are not absorbed well?or not at all. When your body's enzyme levels are deficient?food allergies may occur, immune function weakens and sense of well-being decreases. Enzyme Labs has isolated the enzymes most needed by your body and included them in Multi-Life®'s Proprietary Live Active Enzyme Blend, thereby guaranteeing improved digestion, the best absorption and delivery of vital nutrients to every cell in your body. If you spend your money on nutritional supplements that are not properly absorbed at the cellular level, you are wasting your money!

Proprietary Brain Support Blend

Multi-Life®'s Proprietary Brain Support Blend provides nutritional support for memory, learning, concentration, mental alertness, clarity of thinking and focus. Certain ingredients in Multi-Life® have been shown in independent studies to help support healthy brain function. Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) is the key ingredient in the brain support blend. Millions of healthy adults over the age of 50 are affected by "age related cognitive decline" resulting in diminished memory. At least 23 peer-reviewed studies, more than half of which were Double Blind, show that PS helps maintain or improve cognitive functions such as memory and learning in mature adults. The results of these well controlled, published studies on PS, stated statistically significant improvements in the following brain functions: remembering names of persons after introduction, recognizing people one has seen previously, recall of location of frequently misplaced objects, remembering numeric information, such as telephone numbers, and the ability to maintain concentration.

Multi-Life® Multi-Vitamin Mineral Supplement

Provides 70+ trace minerals necessary for energy, your immune system, and to help combat stress. Multi-Life includes a special brain support blend that enhances memory, concentration and focus. A broad spectrum antioxidant blend protects your body from harmful free radicals that destroy your body's cells and tissues?the primary cause of aging. Multi-Life®'s carb control formula reduces your body's cravings for carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol. Multi-Life® guarantees you the Top Quality Raw ingredients, Best Formulas, Right Combinations, and Maximum Absorption to give your body its Best Chance for Optimum Health at the Cellular Level.