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"As an Orthopedic Surgeon, I have treated thousands of Arthritis Patients. Finally there is an All Natural alternative to Prescription Drugs that really works. I highly recommend Panitrol to help eliminate Arthritis Pain."
Dr. Eric S. Fishman, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon

To call fibromyalgia painful is the understatement of all time. The strongest painkillers my physician could prescribe (short of morphine) barely scratched the surface so that this excruciating muscle/joint pain was utterly ruining my life. I could barely get out of bed and rising from a chair was so painful that I would inadvertently cry out. I've always been a cheerful sort, but the pain I was encountering actually had me praying for a fatal disease. Then I happened on to Panitrol and the most amazing recovery has occurred! I am able to walk up stairs, something that for two years I was unable to do. I am able to walk my dog, and actually venture uphill. While the dissipation of fibromyalgia pain is not 100%, it has depleted enough that I'm able to live like a normal human being again. When I feel like turning on my side in bed, I am able to do so without even giving it a thought. I am happy once more, and I do thank God for not answering my prayers for a fatal disease to strike. I am alive! I feel like Mary Tyler Moore, throwing her hat. Now I find myself praying that Enzyme Labs never goes out of business. (I'm sure once Big Pharma gets wind of how successfully Panitrol blocks pain, they'll bring out the big guns.)
Marilyn A. Guinnane, Sebastopol, CA

Mario M Henry "My name is Mario Henry, I was a former wide receiver in the NFL namely with the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills. I had both of my knees scoped but I was still in constant agony, I could not bend down either. I decided to try a bottle of Panitrol Formula joint support. By the third day I was amazed I was getting out of bed without any problem and by the end of the first week was jogging with bounce on my knees. In the first 30 days I was running full speed and was getting strength back in my knees. I tell everyone I know who has joint and muscle problems to try Panitrol Formula including other former NFL teammates. Thank you very much for getting me back to my life!"
Mario M Henry
Former NFL player

At the age of twenty, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It kept getting worse to the point I could not stand or walk without pain so bad I would pass out. The pain started in my back and spread through my entire body. Anti-inflammatory drugs would help for a short time, then I'd become allergic to them and the side effects were as bad as the pain without prescription meds. I've tried many natural products over the last 56 years with little or no relief at all. I'm now 76 years old and each year rheumatoid arthritis was taking more and more of my mobility from me. I was barely able to get around using a walker. My son heard about Panitrol and my husband and I were both ready for me to try anything as everything I had tried so far was making my condition worse. Soon after starting to take Panitrol my pain became tolerable and I could again walk just using a cane. After taking Panitrol for four months, my physical therapist has seen me go from no strength in my hands, arms and legs to being pain free enough to become active in daily life and regaining the ability to do my own housework. Thanks to Panitrol... It Works!
Janet Oelerich, IA

I have always been energetic and upbeat, with a drive that has never wavered, until osteoarthritis attacked every available joint in my body. Over time, the pain grew to agonizing proportions as the changes occurred; I was never without some kind of pain. With twisted joints I still, golfed, some; still worked with free weights, went to a gym, and otherwise remained moderately active. Eventually I couldn't even do that without great pain. In my sixties, joints became even more twisted, but the worst part was not being able to do my professional artwork without pain...even the coverings on my bed caused a kind of torture of the joints I had never experienced before, under any circumstances. After following Panitrol's program, a miracle occurred...week after week after taking the product as advised, the pain became less and less. Today, I'm typing this testimony without any hesitation or pain at all. I can bend, twist, stoop, sculpt, paint, work, clean, and enjoy certain sports without horrendous discomfort and terrible pain. This product should be given, automatically, to patients in chronic pain, and those anticipating great pain, after surgical procedures...sure would save on the controlled substance costs! My thanks to you Mike, and all those who worked to develop this product and have it affordably available to us. Amen!
Eileen F. , NV

I'm 73 years old. As years went on, my arthritis kept getting worse and worse. Celebrex would only relieve my pain for half the day. Panitrol works so well, I don't have to face agony every time I have to climb the stairs. Thanks to Panitrol I no longer need to take Celebrex.
Dorothy Russell, NY.

The pain that I dread every day has gone from an 8 to a 1 or 2. Even at the end of the day I can still walk without pain. I had a knee replacement 11 months ago. I cannot believe that the pain that was with me all day, every day is no longer there. I have arthritis in my feet and that pain is a 10 after standing or walking around for only 1 hour, that too has diminished to a 1 or 2 allowing me to function normally. I am so close to being pain free, it is incredible.
Joy Danforth, NC.

When I was younger I was accidentally shot between the second and third knuckle, and later I managed to smash the third knuckle so that it is no longer there. My hand was noticeably swollen from knuckles to wrist, my second and third fingers shook almost all the time and muscles between my first and second knuckles would spasm as I held my steering wheel. Even such mundane chores as making my bed would strain my hand so that it was uncomfortable all day. It was even painful to hold a phone or a glass. Being an avid fisherman, I would continually "resprain" my hand almost every weekend. No fun. When I started taking Panitrol my hand got so much better that I could fish with my friend Bob Meyer for four straight days with no discomfort. It has also helped to relieve my lower back pain, as I don't have much of that either. - God bless,
Dennis DeMichele, FL.

I started taking Panitrol just a few days before I left for my vacation in Hawaii. I must say that the majority of my chronic pain has been helped substantially. It has been years since I felt this good. God bless you and thank you a million times over!
Cheryl Togashi, WA.

I have been active in sports and fitness my entire life... and still at age 53, I was jogging, working out and playing competitive racquetball 2 to 3 hours a night... several nights a week. This all came to a halt eight years ago when an auto accident left me with 7 herniated discs... four in my neck and three in my lower back with a tear in the center of one of them. I had $93,000 of medical bills with top neurosurgeons, pain specialists, physical therapy, epidurals, etc. After all of that... I couldn't even walk or stand without excruciating pain shooting through my buttocks and down my legs. There were times I had to crawl to the bathroom. Pain in my shoulders and hands sometimes kept me from falling asleep until the sun came up. The pain was 24/7. This affected my work and every part of my life. For more than 15 years I've loved playing guitar with my son... it broke my heart when I had to tell him "I'm sorry I can't play because I have too much pain in my hands". I couldn't wash dishes or use the vacuum. It hurt to bend over and tie my shoes. It was painful to raise my arms over my head. As a result of inactivity I also gained over 50 lbs. When I first heard about Panitrol I was skeptical but, I felt I had nothing to lose by trying it. On my fifth day I was walking without pain. Within a few weeks I was able to jog and play golf without pain and even get back on the racquetball court. Pain and stiffness are also gone in my neck and shoulders. I'm also losing weight because I'm active again. Now I'm Pain Free and Panitrol has given me a new lease on life! I'm telling everyone I know about Panitrol. There's probably about 50 million people that need this product.
Mike Kovach
Exec. Vice President, Enzyme Labs, West Palm Beach, FL. 1 (877) 500-5529